My name is Robert Lewis Perkins. I am a painter originally from South Louisiana (“Cajun Country”) currently living in Panama. I am 62 years old. For 35 of those years I have tried to learn how to draw and paint. It seems that only in the last few years have I finally begun to get my efforts to satisfy me somewhat.   I specialize in portraits and murals, but still enjoy painting outdoors en plein air.

In the mid-60’s, I took classes at the Brooklyn Museum School and the Art Student’s League (NYC), I was at the Academie des Beaux-Arts (Paris) and the Palazzo dei Cartelioni (Florence) just long enough to get a feel for the way art was taught in those august institutions. I also attended  U of C at Berkeley, Utah State University and LSU. The Hoffman collection at Berkeley and two good profs in Utah made college worthwhile; however I learned more at the Repin Institute of Russian Academy of Arts (St. Petersburg)  than all the other places put together. The focus at the Repin was on solid Academic training—drawing and painting exclusively from life. Having mentioned all of the above and  although  I have studied with many well-known people in the U.S. and Europe I still think of myself as mostly self-taught.

I maintained a studio in New York for many years, doing mostly commercial illustration and have travelled the world painting. Before moving to Panama, I worked in my studio on the campus of Louisiana State University for 5 years. My studio in New Orleans was heavily damaged by Hurricane Katrina along with many paintings, drawings and letters.  I can still see them when I close my eyes and am sorry that you cannot. Some of them can still be seen in the archives section of this website.
I’ve developed a new method of printmaking using oil paints that is unique in the art world. My present studio is located directly across the Miraflores locks of the Panama Canal at Ciudad Del Saber in Clayton. I devote a lot of time studying the art of the Kuna, Embera and Woonan Indians of Panama. Please click on the Panama link for more information. This is very important that you would be so kind enough to click that one.

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Thank you for reading.

robert perkins
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